Tuck headwaters

Spent a delightful day last Saturday on the headwaters of the Tuck above Rock Bridge (off NC281) near Owens Gap. C&R eight or nine native specks…the largest was 9". Early on a #16 EHC was productive. Around 10:30 I observed a sporadic hatch and was successful using a #18 BWO in the quiet water between the riffles. Water was clear and a bit high. No temperature as I dropped my thermometer. Turned over a few flat rocks and observed more nymphs than I usually find in that particular location. They would aptly be approximated by a # 12 Hares Ear but the color was a bit darker than normal…maybe mix a bit of black in with the standard Hares Ear dubbing.

Evidently the remnants of the several hurricanes last fall took out the dam just below the bridge. This cleared out a bit of the accumulated silt and may prove benificial for spawning.

Headed to the Whitewater next weekend.