Tuesday 4/28 Blue Marlin

Left the dock at 4am headed to 226. Trolled in 700-1300 and picked up 5 mahi and broke off a 50+ bull on the flatline. Ended up trolling towards Edisto banks to do some bottom fishing. In 390ft we had a blue in the spread. He smacked the 30W on the flatline and the fight was on. He got tail wrapped 10 minutes in, making it that much harder. Moving with the fish just made him dive so went fought him on a dead boat. An hour in we were able to get him un-tail wrapped and he put up a show. Hour 3 set in and we were able to successfully bring him to the boat and pull the leader with a safe release.

luke pressler

Well done and nice pic sounds like it was an epic battle

"Destiny" 35ft Contender and "Scintilla" 20ft Keywest, Manning SC

Heard y’all talking about the Blue out there near 226. Nice work.

Sea//Quencer 27' Gamefish

We were in the same area and watched your fight. That
marlin put on an impressive air show.

We had a big dolphin jumping behind our boat that appeared to have a line hanging from his mouth. Was still trying to shake the hook. I suppose it could have been one y’all lost.