Tuesday into wensday is starting to look doable ?..

I know the forecast is a few plus days into the future, but if it holds, I’m going trolling out to the south west banks to troll back to edistow…anyone else thinking of trying ?.. coming down Sunday for inshore sheepshead around the bridges, but if the forecast holds I’ll just stay and call off work, wahoo!!!..( if you don’t try you want can’t a (**() thing with a dry hook)…just sayin…

I seen that too…Holding my breath, ready to go! We had a huge haul Jan 21st 2018 (six big hoos) it was a small window that weather was beautiful, best hoo day we ever had on my boat! Just make good decisions on the trip this time of year, buddy boats is very nice safe play anytime but especially this time of year…Good luck! I on channel 68 if it happens. tut:sunglasses:

Kencraft 23T twin 175f Suzuki's

So much for offshore next week! Sailflow shows NASTY for the next seven days… Check again late next week for update…

Kencraft 23T twin 175f Suzuki's

Saw that, starting rethink even going Sunday…

Sunday thru wensday of next week is once again looking great!, hope doesn’t turn into a teaser again!, if it holds I’ll be down Sunday into Monday and if someone else wants to do the buddy boat thing for safety let me know, fingers crossed this forecast holds?.. but with the cold waters I think it’s better safe than sorry to go out this time of year,

What a day Sunday!..40 miles into trip to sw banks with the sun in my eyes 4-6 ft waves beating us ,and the cold wind I hit a floating palm tree at 25 mph, both motors flew up and immediately looked for damages to the lower units and looked in on the bilge, and had water coming in, I have two pumps with one mounted slightly higher than the other, the lower one kept up with water luckily , it cracked the hull 1 foot back before it hit both lower units, only damaging the (right side) one of the units by takening a chunk out of the skeg…needless to say we turned around set a course straight back to wappoo cut boat landing …just noticed (right side)trim tab hydraulic cylinder it blew out the seal and now have a puddle of fluid on driveway

Glad you made it back- planning to go Wednesday if forecast holds

22 knots in 4-6 foot seas? What size boat were you in? Thank God that’s all that happened. You’re lucky cause it could have been worse. Ripped off transom and you are done. Hope your future trips are less stressful. There is risk involved and peeps forget that while dreaming of screaming reels.

The ENTER-NET Fisherman

it was a hell of a ride for sure, glad I had a navy vet with a strong stomach and steady nerves, but, we were both shocked but remained calm , followed protocol and thank god we didn’t go in the water, it sounded like we completely busted the hull , I’ve got two cracks and the above mentioned damage including the seal from trim that I noticed today, the cracks are next to the trim tabs, when I got back we heard on 16 about the boat fire near iop, and had already seen the smoke from a distant, guess it was a bad day for more than just me and glad everyone is safe

What kind(brand) of boat was it? Very blessed it didn’t turn out worse!

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24 ft sea fox center console…

24 ft sea fox center console