Thinking about cooking a Turducken for the family this year. Has anyone ever had any experience with a Turducken? (good or bad).

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They are delishous…be sure to invite me over.

you can get them @ Harris Teeter & sometimes Sams.

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I made my own last year and deep fried it. Alot of work including making the sausage stuffing but they are good. The fat from the duck and chicken, along with the sausage, really help make the turkey tender.

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I plan on ordering mine to the doorstep. I am kinda looking forword to it.

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Brother in-law’s parents did one for Christmas, he said it was so good he had more of it instead of any desert.

He made it sound good enough that I believe It won’t be long and I’m going to have to try it! Dad has a few mallard’s that have started coming up to the house and getting in the gold fish pond. I’m sure mom won’t mind me helping her with the problem. Then the store can handle the chicken and turkey.:stuck_out_tongue:

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