Turkey frying recipies

What are your preferred injecting ingredients?

We usually have 3 fried birds

One will have “Rub my chicken” I get it at Lowe’s and it has a nice spicey kick to it

One usually gets olive oil and honey (they skin will turn black due to the sugar carmelization of course but the meat generally has a sweet taste and is really moist (our kids like this one)

Then I usually try something like blackberry wine, scuppernong wine or similar. Haven’t had a “bad one” yet, but some are better than other.

Anybody have a good one they want to share?

Brine one.

melt butter in micro wave, mix in garlic and onion salt and a few dashes of Tennesse Sunshine hot stuff, shake well and strain, put in injector and shoot!

Never tried the Zatarain’s Creole Butter injection, but should be good! This Web site gives recipes for fried turkey!

Captain Morgan spiced rum mixed with a little butter, can get a buzz and full at the same time.

Double D.

I have injected them. To tell the truth a good brine, start at around 275 with a dry dry dry bird, throw the spurs until breast reading 160ish, let carry over handle the rest. Good, juicy, no graininess, turkey meat.

I am a purest fan, I like to taste the meat.