Turks & Caicos

Does anyone have any information about where to go/not to go, stay/not to stay. I’m not much for the tourist attractions, would like to get out on my own. Fish, dive, surf with the locals if that’s possible.

My wife and I stayed at Harbour Club villas once and at Atlantic Ocean Beach villas on another occasion. Both are sort of off the beaten path and offer privacy. Both are on Providenciales. The hotels on Grace Bay are where you will find your tourist activity, I’d avoid that area.Fishing guides are very expensive, like $800 per day. I did OK with the bonefish on the south side if the island on the section known as Turtle tail. EZ beach access there.


Thanks Oyster.

Also, food is expensive down there. Conch and fish are reasonable priced, but everything else is imported. If you stay in Provo, shop at the IGA, nice store.


Loose: The point I’m trying to make is bring as much stuff with you as you can. Mayo, ketchup, canned tuna or whatever. If you need to rent a car, stay away from a guy called Scooter Bob. His fleet is junk. The Tiki Hut restaurant at the Turtle Cove marina is excellent and cheap for Provo.


I have done VRBO several times in Providenciales.

My fishing was DIY bonefishing on the south side of the island. The bay I fished most was by five cays settlement.(Our house was across the street)

Any of the shore fishing needs to be early because the sunbathers and swimmers are out there by 10AM.

I had never been bonefishing before but hooked up with 4 and landed 2. Really cool fighting fish. I also enjoyed the hunting and stalking for them. Good glasses are a must.

Lastly I heard that crab type patterns were the best on the fly. Stay away from the shrimp patterns.