Turning Over A 19' Sea Ark CC

I need to do some work on the bottom of my jon boat. Where it has sat on the bunks for so many years there is some pitting that is starting to be a pita. It leaks now

The motor is off now, So I need to turn it over to do the work, however I just cant roll it over because of the center console

I built some sawhorse type stantions out of cement blocks and 2x8’s to hold it up along the gunnels when I flip it over to do the work, that way its high enough off the ground for the center console to clear.

So my question is, how would you flip it over and get it on the blocks to do the work

Ive got access to a small track hoe and I have a tractor with a front loader bucker.


Pick up bow with a single rope attached to backhoe.

Pick up stern with tractor using two straps going to one rope.

Should be able to spin it upside down at this point.

Might need the wife to help.

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Do you think the holes in the transom that the motor attaches to would be strong enough to hold that weight,like putting an eye bolt in one and attaching to that?

Why not just dig a hole to accommodate the center console, with the track hoe, and roll the boat over onto some old tire carcasses?

thats not a bad idea, only Id have to move the project from the front of my barn to somewhere else, but still, that sounds easier.

That should work.How much you figure that boat weighs?

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Yes to eye bolt in one motor mount hole or cable thru 2, if the transom can’t take the concentrated weight of the hull alone then you got other problems

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Maybe slap on a big washer or 3

I had a 20’ side console I flipped myself.
EF1 could use the front end loader to flip the boat, too.

from what I can find on the www it’s between 1500 and 1750 pounds with the CC. Its got an aluminum floor so I’m not sure how they figure it

Maybe Ill just have a cook out and get 8 or 10 guys to just manhandle it?

I was thinking of a couple eye hooks in the stern with a short piece of cable to form a loop, then taking another loop to the bow eye and running a chain or come along from stern to bow. Picking it up with the track hoe and rolling.

MN might be onto something if I have to do it alone, if not Im still thinking.

All good ideas, thanks

On the ground will be much safer than on blocks.
Especially when working alone!

If you go with eye bolts be a good idea to use as long of a backing plate as possible

I vote for the cookout so you don’t have to finagle anything weird with a track hoe. That long of a hull, I’d want support in the middle too.

Already solved the upside down version of your problem, but I don’t think that helps

Give me a holler if I can help you out!
I’ll haul ass up there!

If you can get it,manpower is hard to beat! I can’t count the times we got trucks out of the bog with twenty strong boys.

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Stop by and get me then we’ll pickup Eustace cuz he knows stuff


They call Eustace Useless up here

I’d sandwich it between some 2x6’s with side and cross braces, basically a cradle. The boards will give you places to attach chain/rope for the mechanized equipment. Back the trailer to the support thing you made. Put a pile of sand/dirt there for the transom to hit. Then flip it end to end. I’ve never been a fan of lifting with the bow eye. It’s designed to withstand a lateral pulling force. It can take some amount of stress in other directions but testing to failure is bad. We always used wide nylon straps in the boat yard, never lifted with bow or stern eyes.

Laying it down easy and not wrecking the transom or gunnels is the goal.

Whatever MacGyvering you do, please take a video. Regardless of how it turns out it will be worth seeing. Playing this music video for background effects with some fat guys dancing would be epic. She made a nautical version just for you.

Boat Flipping Music Video

Good info, thanks.

I was suspect of the bow eye, now I know that it will be used only as a stabilizer and not weight bearing.

Ive got some big staps, a 40’ chain, a couple come-alongs, and high hopes of some help coming this afternoon.

I think ill need 2 guys on the machines, and 2 of us tuggin and chuggin’

Ill take pics

Without pictures, this never happened.

I can’t wait!

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