Two fishermen allegedly caught cheating in viral video plead not guilty

Sorry P-k, I meant to post this link to your post about " egg sinkers".

Not sure how I missed?

Old boys screwed up and now are paying for their crime. Sad thing is Hunter can lie on a federal gun application to Purchase a pistol in today’s climate of gun control and NOTHING happens to him. Plus so many more examples of the law turning it’s head on crime.

Hey, who hasn’t caught a fish with a belly full of egg sinkers?

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I caught a redeyed bass while catfishing with a whole bream once. Got him landed and it had another bream the same size as the one I was fishing with already in his mouth, greedy bastard. I didn’t think of it at the time but he could have been close to a state record. He was rather large released and remembered. too bad I lost those pics on another phone when my sim card fried.

How big is the state record?

c &P

The probable world record for Redeye bass is 5 lb 2.5 oz (2.34 kg) from Lake Jocassee in South Carolina.