Two trips at Bushy Park

1st trip got there at daybreak with outgoing tide & fished through the tide change. One spot was great for awhile, plenty of trout on the original Trout Tricks. When action slowed I moved and right away got several nice 18" trout, then some small ones, then quit. Next trip just the opposite tide. Worked hard to get two keepers but caught probably 20+ undersize so lots of fun. Again, Trout Tricks. Both days the trout wanted the Trout Tricks almost motionless on the bottom, VERY slow small hops and reeling. Small creek and mouth of creek off of Yellowhouse. Tons of small mullet. Still re-learning after being away for seven years but making progress.


I love the original TTs. I was never a fan of artificials until I figured out that Vinman was out-fishing me 3-1 one day and I decided to try them. They really seem to shine in the fall when bait is becoming scarcer. Yep, slow retrieve as the water starts to cool. They will hit them hard.


I need to try those. I used DOA shrimp and christmas tree plastics today and only live shrimp worked. Awesome job!

Hit the water before sunup this morning. Three nice trout my first five casts then nothing for two hours. Tried a couple new spots and caught a few more along with probably twenty undersize, learned a lot so great day. All on Trout Tricks but ran out of the originals last week. Used the Z-Man Elaztech with 1/4oz Trout Eye jig head and after 25 or so fish I still had the same one on, just like new. I just retied a new loop knot every so often.


so what is the OG trout trick, vs. what is the “new” one? any links to show the difference?


The OG is a PVC material in only one color, a pink and blue.
The new TTs are the same mold but made of Z-Man Elaztech in 15 colors. They also work well, but the OG is something magic

Ok so i have def used the zmans. i guess i need to look closer for the OG ones, are they still sold?

Yes we sell them at in bulk 10 and 25-packs, Z-Man sells them if you order direct and I’m pretty sure that Haddrells carries them.

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see my edit, Z-Man is awsome!