Two young professionals looking for new work

Well, as my handle says, My name is Matt and My wife is Kelly. Kelly graduated from MUSC in 2007, and is currently a phsyician assistant in town and looking very hard for new employment. She is not necessarily looking for work in the PA world. She has been looking into medical equipment sales, pharm. sales, or any other medical related position (although she is willing to leave the medical world).
I am an ex-coastie finishing a BS in economics on the GI bill. I currently have an internship with a brokerage firm, but I would like to explore different internship/employment opportunities (perhaps sales as well). This summer I won’t be taking any classes, as upper level econ’s aren’t offered in the summer, and in the Fall I will only have one class with a remote chance of two. I will graduate in December.
We have resumes ready to go and are willing to interview at any one’s convenience. Thanks in advance for the help/guidance.


good luck. times are tough right now.

Jeff Davis is my President

Send her to Charlotte. PA’s making about $80-150+ (based on specialty, taking call or not, experience). I find it hard to imagine Charleston is much different- but I don’t work there. Lots of need.
Generally hard to get into medical equipment sales without prior sales experience. Pharma is severly contracted now- I know many more that have been laid off than hired.