Me and bill had a pretty slow day today around barstow, area was dead and had zero life. Moved over to the big and ended the day with 3 shorts and 3 keeps and a ton of gar bites and pull backs. Planers and floats

Was supposed to throw some feathers tommorrow but I lost reverse in my truck at the ramp as well as it isnt shifting well at all now…dropping the tranny either wed or fri…hope to get a good report in next weekend.

21’ Hewes Craft Custom
115 Evinrude

We fished Barstow and had a killer day. We just sat there catching fish while all the bird chasers flew around us in circles chasing them birds.

Wellcraft V20, 175 Yamaha
Formula 25 SC Express, Mercruiser 260

Thanks for the fishing trip Chip.Was great to get on the water.Learned alot about fishing with planer boards.Hate your truck messed up if I can help you in any way give me a call.