Has anybody else seen the SCDNR news page that reads:

DNR NewsJanuary 27, 2012
All fishermen follow recreational bag limits on South Carolina artificial reefs
Effective on Jan. 30, 2012 harvest and possession of snapper-grouper and coastal migratory pelagic species will be limited to the recreational bag limit within designated special management zones off South Carolina. This rule change will be implemented through the NOAA Fisheries Service Comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Amendment 2 (CE-BA 2) and applies to both commercial and recreational fishermen.

Special management zones encompass most of South Carolinas artificial reefs including BP-25, Beaufort 45, Betsy Ross, Bill Perry, C.J. Davidson, Cape Romain, Capers, Charleston 60, Comanche, Eagles Nest, Edisto 40, Edisto 60, Edisto Offshore, Fripp Island, Georgetown, Greenville, Hilton Head, Hunting Island, Kiawah, Little River Offshore, North Inlet, Paradise, Pawleys Island, Ten Mile, Vermilion, Wayne Upchurch, Will Goldfinch and Y-73.

Legal fishing gear within the special management zones remains limited to hand-held hook and line and spearfishing gear without powerheads.

Does this mean they’re opening the fishery now, or they will be restricting where we can drop a line when the season does open?


As awesome as it would be to open b-liners, bsb and groupers up, I am pretty sure they are saying that you can only keep a recreational limit from an AR. This means commercial fishermen cannot keep a commercial limit from a state AR. Also no spearfishing with powerheads on an AR. I don’t have a degree in deciphering goverment jargon so hopefully somebody who does will be along shortly.

SCdiver has the correct interpretation. bye bye “Reef Raider”

Thanks, there. I mis-read the article and panicked a little early! I went to the SAMF site and read the amendment. Just gonna keep the commercial guys off the AR’s…Ken