Up coming season

I’ve been seeing a lot of em this year. Crazy breeding season again. I pulled in the back way last night and ran off about a dozen, but these two just getting out of spots stayed. Got within 10 yards before they decided to wander off. Came across a few no more than a couple of days old, the first of this week. Be interesting to know when the prime rut was last year. The babies are all over the place in growth.

They look delicious

We had a fawn wandering through the neighborhood a few days last week. Couldn’t have been more than a couple of weeks old. I’m fairly sure his mother was killed on Woodruff rd. We finally got a rescue team to come get him, before the Coyote’s did.

What’s the average per night deer smacking on 174, bet EF would know. It’s a vulture paradise.

Probably be tender, I like em just a little bigger though. But I am not allowed to hunt around the house, Wife says it’s deer sanctuary. I think after the garden, flowers, and shrubbery they have been destroying I can talk her into harvesting a few.


Mixed Nutz, one way to tell if a fawn has been separated from it’s mother is by looking at it’s ears. They will be crumpled/wrinkled at the tips from dehydration. A momma rarely leaves a fawn for more than 8-10 hours.

They set off my outdoor cameras every night. We have had to become very selective about what we plant because they love free food.

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