Upper upper wando 6/4

Took my mom and 13yro neighbor out yesterday. Got a bunch of pinfish (Welcomed surprise in the cast net), mm’s, fm’s and shrimp at low tide (~130pm) and fished from 230-4pm. First red on in 2minutes, then it was game on until we had to leave. 15 reds, 6 slots, the rest over (kept 3) and a trout. Was only able to fish 2 rods at any one point, great time had by all. Only fished one spot, reanchored a few feet closer to the bank when the wind kicked up but fished the same spot. Fish caught in 2-5ft of water near a dropoff. While October fishing may be some of the easiest/best fishing of the year, I’ll take summertime fishing any day!

Hope everyone is having a great week.


It’s always nice when you can put your crew on a bite like that.

I’m sure Mom, and the kid had a blast!!

Thanks for your report!!

Good job pond
I wish I had your luck

Oh man, that’s a great fishing story, only thing that could make it better is some pics :smile:

Thanks for the report💪

I was thinking the same…however I have no pictures of me with their fish, or the fish by themselves, lol. I don’t like posting pics of other people on the interwebs. I will say though, the pics were all smiles!