Upside app

Anybody use it ???
Looks like they give you anywhere from 12 cents to 20 cents back a gallon on gas. And there’s a lot of restaurants that give 6% back.
We just ate breakfast at eggs up here in Little River. (Buffet style) It was $34. I burnt over 100 gallons of gas last week. And probably burn close to another tank today.
Just signed into the app last night.
I was just wondering if they start bombarding you with unsolicited advertisements and emails. Nothing so far.

No Sir, never even heard of it. I will say the wife and I have been putting everything we buy on our Chase card and paying it in full at the end of the month. Got me some extra points that I used on Amazon. Keep us informed might be a good thing?

i use it sometimes. i’ve gotten about a tank of gas back after like 6 months. sometimes you get offered 15c/gal. other times it only 1c/gal. so it depends. if your lazy like me and only fill up at a few places and don’t shop the best deal then it will take forever to get anything back.

Yes, I use it. It works but sometimes it’s wrong. That happens when prices are quickly changing.

Sometimes the savings are only 1-2 cents. Other times it more likely in the 7 - 14 cents range. I just checked it and found the higher savings.

You will get an occasional message but it’s not often. Usually it’s when you haven’t used it in awhile and they lure you back with a bonus.

I signed up for Shell Fuel Rewards and that gets 5 cents all the time. They also lure you back with bonus offers. One last week was 15 cents a gallon on 20 gallons.

I’m lucky because I have 3 stations close to each other and it’s easy to compare prices.