The USCG is planning to remove the CG Helo from Charleston in November. TowBoat US Charleston and Sea Tow Charleston are very concerned with this decision.This is a vital resource for those who venture offshore and the backwaters of the SC coast. This also has increasingly more impact on those who venture offshore the farther north from Savannah you are. The response time to MI and MB is drastically impacted. The Helo is a resource that acts not only as a recovery asset but is also relied upon for Communication relays and situational assessment. Numerous cases when the VHF signal is too weak or compromised and valuable time is lost as the required assets are not launched until the Helo bridges the communication gap. Once on scene the Helo gets a true assessment of what is needed. All this in fractions of time compared to a water bound asset. In addition to extended travel time this will also severely restrict the on scene and search time capabilities due to fuel constraints. These are only a few negatives that don’t even address emergency medical situations. I strongly encourage you to contact BOTH Senators Graham and Scott and voice your concerns. Graham 864-250-1417 Scott 843-727-4525

Captain Steve Little
TowBoat US Charleston
Psalm 107:23-32