Utility Trailer

I bought this at the beginning of the year because I was hauling around a riding mower pretty frequently. I’ve since used it to move houses, and haven’t needed it at all in the past couple months. It’s 5x12, the actual inside measurements are 62.75"x144" and it has a little 2’ dovetail. Mesh floor, sides, and drop gate. I bought these tires (and one new wheel) at the beginning of the summer so they’re less than 6 months old. Spare tire is in good shape and the jack works fine. Wired the lights up in June also. Has some extra support “runners” so to speak lengthwise about the width of a mower or 4 wheeler. It has a little bend in the coupler but I haven’t seen any adverse effects from it. Mesh floor at the breakover point has some spots that need to be tacked back down. One fender is curled a little from a blowout (per the previous owner) but has plenty of clearance from the tire.