Vegetarian Eats Meat for First Time in 22 Years...

And it’s everything you would think it would be.

She’s got more arm definition than 23

This goes with the topic. Have to watch the whole thing.

seasick, loved the ending 2 parts with the chair and dog!:smiley:

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She’s got more arm definition than 23

New respect for 23 Sellsfish!

PS: You should change hands every now and then! Be like you are dating a new girl and you’ll pump up the right arm!:smiley:

LOL ^^

Thank you for that! :smiley:

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Leadenwahboy that restaurant will change the most hard core vegetarian. My family spent a couple of day’s in Chicago a few months back and we ate there. Freaking delicious. Chicago is well known for some of the best steak houses around. As a matter of fact my wife ate the same Wagyu beef dish that lady is raving over. Incredibly marbled meat, incredibly expensive. My mother-in-law is vegetarian, except for bacon. No person in their right mind can turn down crispy, smokey, bacon:smiley: