Vermillion Rain

Tuesday April 18, 90 to 100 feet of water, water temp 68.5. Seas pretty mush as advertised, but a shorter interval. Late start because of some housework items, left at 11.

Kind of a weird day. Started trolling and caught a bunch of false albacore, no king fish. Hard to keep lines clear, tons of weed. Also saw many flying fish, a bit unusual given we were not in deep water or that far out.

Shifted to bottom fishing and could hardly catch anything but vermillion. Catch a few, move to find something different and catch more vermillion. Tried drifting, caught vermillion. Tried jigs, caught nothing. Every mark had vermillion. Probably caught 30 or more vermillion and kept a two person limit of 10. No fish lost to sharks at all. Zero ARS. It was just odd.

About two weeks ago, went out to a different area about the same depth where we had caught lots of vermillion in the past. Did not post about this trip earlier. Caught a few bottom fish on the earlier trip but caught probably 25 jacks including some decent sized fish, including one much bigger than the fish in the picture caught trolling. Similar to a video recently posted by SC Fish Tales, lots of jacks (both AJ’s and almaco) no matter what bait or lure used. Sharks were nasty on that trip, one ate all but the head of a good sized AJ in one bite.

Wish I understood more about fish movements offshore. Obviously, the fish are not just hanging on one bit of structure all year.

Did manage to catch a few other kinds of fish for a decent haul before calling it a day yesterday. Cleaned up and done by 6 pm.

Kept a false albacore the April 18 trip that was badly hooked and one on an earlier trip. At Fred67’s suggestion trying a bit harder to find a way to enjoy eating false albacore. Will try to post later on the results.


Thanks for a good report and I would guess your knowledge is already considerable and will get much better. The ones who don’t learn are the ones who think they already know everything.

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Best explanation I have on the different spots producing differently is find the bait and ypu will find the fish. Bait pods close to the bottom especially for bottom bumping, and of course close to surface for trolling.

Bait pods usually are round, while schools of fish are usually oblong or stacked like a pyramid in cooler water.

Just my 2 cents worth from experiences, keep going out, you will get better all the time.

We created belly strips with out false albacore for trolling. Eating… not going to happen, at most perhaps a fish dip, and that is a definite maybe.

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