Very late report

I have been a bit lazy these days with CRS and PTSD but was out Saturday Whiting fishing and caught several Weakfish and one was the biggest I have ever caught. The whiting bite was decent but the weather man got it about wrong with wind speed. Pushed out of Bushy and it was a long windy ride back to the hill. Have been on the water catching Cats but dare not post a cat on this site. Flounder should be in the flats soon water a little to chilly and baitfish a little slim right now.

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Man dont worry bout no catfish post, we dont mind in anyway! Haha

Thanks for the report and yea Saturday they had it all wrong too. The wife and I put in for 3 or 4 hours and never even got on plane. I might have casted 20 times ina spot I just wanted to try… still had a great time and got a little sun too.

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Well Stump this is some up n down weather but as soon as theirs an opening I’ll be on some good fishing during the week and leave the weekend waters for recreational boaters. Tightlines


Hey, at least you are getting out there!

I’d like to see a cat or two.

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Fatrat, i think I’m a little late on the abbreviations…
CRS : Catch’n Release Spottails
PTSD : Put That Spottail Down!

Am I correct? Just trying to make some since of this :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Can’t remember $!!?
Post traumatic stress disorder.
hilarious and like your virgin also!!!


whiting is underrated table fare. Change my mind

Well PeaPod they are in the harbor. Try a couple especially if you catch a few bullheads as we call them. Fried or baked they are tasty. I hardly consume reds so they are a good replacement for the table. Shrimp and #1 hooks on double rig with 5 oz weight or larger based on current and where you fish may use smaller weights

Sushi from blackfin tuna catch yesterday offshore