Wahoo, sails, BFT 07-01-2023

Well it was an incredible day aboard the Git R Done today. We were welcomed to a gentle 2’ swell that stayed around all day. The bite was on early around the ledge, but the cuda soon took over, so we headed deeper looking for bills. Its been a while since I’ve been offshore, so it was really nice getting back out there. Ended the day with two decent wahoo, a handful of small BFTs, and went 1 for 4 on sails. Not the first dolphin. The last sail put on a show right by the boat. Saw several schools of little BFTs busting the surface.

Nice ride back in catching a nap in the AC cabin. Tough life. Capt put us on the fish today and we were grateful. Saw several others hooked up and backing down on billfish nearby. It was a good day to be out.


Looking forward to the Wahoo sushi pics

Those are some great shots of the sail

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Looks like a fun trip, and flat seas.

Like EF1 said, nice camera work on the Sailfish. They’re the fastest swimming fish in the ocean!

Very nice Ricky. Great pictures!

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Ditto here on the pics and seas. Good stuff Sails!!!

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