Wando 7-9

Hit the river with a client this morning for a Kayak Fishing 101 trip. Fished the falling tide in order to be able to point out different types of structure and talk about why they hold fish at different tide stages.

Started a little slow with not much action on the mid tide flats, so cruised to some well know oyster bars and creek mouths as the tide got lower. Client got a little surprise trout on the troll, then we proceeded to spank the reds at multiple stopping points.

Stopped counting after a dozen with biggest at 27 and smallest at 18. They hit everything we threw today. Biggest trick of the day was patience… no dice fishing fast, everything was ultra slow or dead drifted.

Water clarity > 3 feet until the boat traffic picked up then to 0 almost instantly in the shallow water.

Most fish staged in 7 - 10 feet on the first drop off.

Posted some pics in the July 11 folder on the Kayak Fish SC facebook page.

Got cool yak fishin pics??? Post em up in the Kayak Fish SC PHOTO CONTEST for a shot at a 4 hour guided trip.

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That’s a lot of reds. Glad your client got to catch a mess of fish. Our results were the same for the area. We just didn’t figure it out till later. Once we posted up on an oyster bed and started throwing all the different live baits at them, that’s when our hook ups started. Just have to figure out what the fish are doing for that day I guess.

Time on the water and a log book will help you a lot. Note time, tide, bait, water depth, etc. you’ll see some patterns that develop pretty quickly. The patterns translate really well to other bodies of water. That’s why I run a lot of Kayak Fishing 101 trips along that stretch. There’s plenty to talk about in 1 1/2 miles of river.

Who’s Ready for a Sleigh Ride? www.KayakFishSC.com

Thanks for the info yesterday. We had one on the first line within the first minute of being in that spot.

Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.