Wando last Saturday during the cold snap

Fed the kids breakfast and took my time getting to the water with it being so cold and trust me, it was COLD. Made t to the fishing grounds an hour before low tide. Fished feeder creeks flowing into creeks that had channels of about 6 ft of water. Picked up a couple nice keeper trout. And undersized flounder and even a whiting. Surprised to see a whiting that far up the creek. All caught on white gulp shrimp chartreuse tail with gotcha jig heads. Only kept what we planned to eat.

Played with my new camera and made a short how to video for any new guys like me out there. I struggled getting bites inshore (and still do sometimes) and I wish I would have known some of this info 3 years ago when I moved here. Learned a lot from ya’ll on here so I thought I would pay it forward.


Well done, thanks for sharing!:+1:

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…well, some fishing too!

Great work. Thank you for this. I do need all the help i can get.

Thanks for the video, maybe I can use some of that info up here in Murrells Inlet.

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Glad I could help. This will not always work, trust me that fish are fickle sometimes and it gets discouraging to get skunked seeing the guys who have lived here all their lives posting every week. Just take notes when you catch and keep moving. If you’re fishing for 30 mins and don’t catch a target species, move, move, move. Also prefish on maps and google maps. One shows high tide one shows low. Good luck out there!

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