Wando Report from Tuesday

I had a dr appt in Mt P last Tuesday so I took advantage of the opportunity. Got to Paradise early enough to put nav lights on. Fished sharp point with good current. It also has shallow to deep drop off. Used a 1/8 TroutEye and ZMan Trout Cicle. Bam!! Red. Bam!! Another Red. Few casts later Bam!!! Bam!! Thump!!! Decent 3-4 lb trout but he came unbutton. Moved to next hole to fish piers and zero’ed. Decide to try for some schooling reds at low tide. Found them but they would not take my offers ZMan and Gulp. Head for the butt poke. All good!!! Yay! Got back ramp around 230 and headed to Horlbeck. Few short trout on Trout Cycle along the grass line. Decided to try my piers again but change my retrieve. Holy cow! Big difference. 11 trout at a pier I already fished. Same jig. Threw under the pier and let it drift with the current keeping the slack out of my line. I love feeling that thump on the line!


Looks like you crushed it. Great report.

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Nice. Purple must be the color this fall.

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Nice report. Appears the trouts are everywhere!

That’ll make up for the slow days won’t it! And I’m not even gonna ask about the butt poke haha

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@StumpNocker i hear ya! My dad and brother-in-law were both diagnosed with colon cancer in the last month. Get your colon checked fellas!