Wando Saturday AM

Put in at Remley’s point at around 6:30. I was to see the parking area wasn’t full for the holiday weekend. Headed out for flounder with MM’s. My usual spot was loaded with blues and lady fish. Although fun it wasn’t filling the cooler. Moved to another spot where I put one 17 in flounder in the cooler. Fished MM under a float and on a jig. Falling tide, water dirty.

A wise man once said “Do as I say not as I do” Good advice when I tell you that.

Opps…I got to remeley about 6:45…How about all those Jack azzes with the blow up balls blocking the ramp with a uhaul truck and all there boats tied to the docks while THEY stood around the end of the Uhaul blowing on there balls!!!..Lot of furstrated early morning anglers…Couldn’t tie my boat off anywhere for a few minutes to go move my truck…I was out there idleing waiting for a boat to leave the dock so I could tie off and move my truck off the ramp while THEY just all stood behind the Uhaul and looked at me…Frikin idiots!!!

livin life one day at a time!!!
2006 Seafox172
05 Mercury90hp(saltwater)

Bug’s glad I got there before they filled the docks. I did think why don’t you move the u-haul so the other ramp could be used. When I got there they had the yak’s lining one dock and I just asked them to move and they did. But you are right they had the other dock tied up with boats. Sometimes common sense goes out the window doesn’t it???

A wise man once said “Do as I say not as I do” Good advice when I tell you that.

Went to Remleys today and just did a drive-by. There was no way I was getting in all that mess.