I am looking to purchase a Beretta 21A 22LR semi auto handgun. Give me a call or text with price if you have one that you may be interested in selling today. 843 437-4165 Larry

I tried to find one for a customer a couple of months ago. Couldn’t find any locally used…and new ones are almost impossible to find without going to gunbroker, which is what he wound up doing.

If you find one out of state or somewhere, and need it shipped here, let me know, I can handle the transfer for you for $20 in West Ashley.

Good luck

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I have that gun in the .25 acp version. Love it. I liked the ACP as it is a much more reliable cartridge. I didn’t want to trust my life on rimfire. Had too many ftf for me.

You might have better luck finding the 25. I also have the larger cousin in .32 ACP. Beretta makes some pretty cool mouse guns.

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I traded a Tarus PT25 for a Beretta 21a-25. Would like to find the matching 22 but as you found out they are hard to find. GOOD LUCK

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There are several listed on Armslist and Gunbroker if you can’t find one locally.

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I have an extremely nice, reliable and accurate one. Comes with a nice leather IWB holster. .22 and I carry it with .22 LR CCI Stingers in it. I am in Irmo, but get to Charleston and Savannah almost weekly. $275 for pistol and holster. Beretta Bobcat Model 21A in blue.