WANTED - Inside or Covered Boat Storage

In need of inside or covered storage for a 36’ Center Console on a trailer. Overall length is 45’ long, 13’ high, and 11’ wide.

Am open to sharing warehouse space or something like that. Prefer locations close to Dunes West such as Cainhoy.

I am open to recommendations. Have plenty of space outside but prefer something covered.

Please post some pics of your new ride when the build is complete (or before that).


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It seems this town is in serious need of covered storage. When I lived in FL a guy had a large warehouse with sliding doors. He rented space by the square foot and called it the indoor toy store. The place was full of boats, cars, RV’s etc.

Seems like it would be a great business opportunity for this area. Still have not found any indoor storage. Below is whats looking for a safe, secure, covered storage space close to Park West and Dunes West like in the Cainhoy area.

What about Joe’s place there at hwy 41 behind the BP station? He has covered areas for a CC that big. Not sure about availability. 856-0225.

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Already tried. Doesn’t fit. The buildings are to close together so there is not enough room to swing it into place.

There is a covered storage area,I heard is very nice in the Strawberry area on old 52.

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www.roguemotion.com Not that close to Dunes West but I’m sure they can help you.