WANTED: Volvo Penta DP-A or direct replacement

I need a DP-A outdrive or a direct replacement for a DP-A that will bolt right up the same transom shield already on the boat. 1.95 ratio. OR, I need a suspension fork and intermediate housing.


This place may have it…
I bought many mercruiser parts from Buddy at http://www.amarket.com/

I think I have what you need my email is colemcclam@mcclam.net

Cole I was the one that emailed last week from your THT listing.
I’d love to have one of yours but I just can’t swing it. It’s either $1800-2000 adapter plate & parts to bolt up your newer drive to my transom shield, or pull my shield redo the transom and cut a new hole for new stuff. Going to cost me a lot more than just the gear.

I’ve come across a freshwater DP-A in Georgia I’m supposed to go get tomorrow. It should go straight in place of mine that came off.