Wanted: Window AC unit

My central air quit yesterday and they had to order a part that will not be in til Monday or Tuesday. I need a little ac to run in my bedroom. I checked around and almost everyone has them off the shelves because of the season. Lowe’s had one but it was 229$ a little hard to justify for a few days.

where are you located?

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where are you located?

I live on Edisto but work in N.Chs.

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i’m waay south of you… sorry…

If you still need one, I have one you can use till you get your unit fixed. Give me a holler.

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come by my store, I have one here in Summerville that you can borrow


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Thank you everyone for your offers to help me out. This is why I try and help people out here when I can. Chris lent me an ac on Saturday. It has been a huge help. This little episode made me realize how much of a wuss I have become and am dependant on ac to sleep.

Once again, thanks to everyone for offering to help.

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