Wanting a trailer tire/wheel

I’m looking for a trailer tire/wheel so I can get a trailer home to see if it’s worth fixing up as a kayak or jon boat trailer.
I need 4.80x12 - 4 lug. Just not wanting to spring $70 if it’s not going to work.


I rarely see if I get a PM so that’s not the best way to contact me…

I got a spare you can borrow

I am in Otranto Behind Stokes Honda


i may have a rim you can have free of charge. it has a tire on it but prob not good. ill check and let ya know.

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Thanks Jimmy, free is the best price! I could handle getting a tire put on it. Where are you located? I’m on James Isl.

Brian, I may take you up on that if the offer with Jimmy doesnt’ work out…