Wapoo to Hilton Head??

Anyone made the trip from wapoo to hilton head? Cruising 26-30mph and idea on time?


Plan on five hours worth of running and no wake plus what ever pit stops you want to make

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Ugh, thanks.

About 90-95 miles if I recall

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3.5 to 4 if you are cruising at 30 the whole way. Not too many no wakes between here and there. FYI there is a long no wake that extends south from the Beaufort Swing bridge past Beaufort marina and all the way to the fixed Ladies Island Bridge. A lot of people don’t know this and just slow down at the swing bridge and speed back up as soon as they pass the marina, the man will write you a ticket. It is a beautiful ride so don’t dread it too much!

Nothing of interest to add, but I really want to make a weekend in Beaufort out of a cruise down there.


I highly recommend the Beaulieu House bed and breakfast on Cat Island for a great place to stay. http://www.beaulieuhouse.com/.

The proprietress has picked us up at the marina at midnight in a rainstorm, got us some warm food and washed and dried our funky clothes for us. First class lady!

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Andyb it is a fun trip, we go every June with 4 to 5 other boats. Leave Chas Friday am, come home Sunday night. Ride there and home is full of pit stops for us and we pretty much slow cruse and enjoy the scenery. The Beaufort marina is nice and walk right right across street to Best Western. Hotel is not spectacular but nice for a BW and the people that run it are extremely nice.

We are relocating the boat. Just thought it might be fun to take the waterway instead of the trailer. Figured it be a good way to get some gas out of it.

Thank you for the info, appreciate it!

been from here to beaufort several times, and its about 3and a half hours
then its about 45 minutes to the north end of Hilton head


I have made the trip several times. Takes less than 3 hrs with pit stops from parkdale area. Going again in late sept. Beautiful ride from Charleston.


If you are familiar with the intercoastal navigational charts, their are mile markers indicated with St M 000 underlined and written in red. St M is for Statute miles followed by the number increasing as you go south. Wappoo Cut is mile marker 470 and Beaufort is mile marker 535. So the distance between them would be 65 miles.

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We made the trip a couple of years ago, here’s a slide show of the trip.


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Thanks guys, with the wind the last few days we did the trailer thing instead. Will try it in the future, when the weather lets up hopefully.