"Washington DC" scam call...

Anyone else getting these except for me? Starts out like this…

“Hello, I am Tom (Indian voice) from the treasury department in the Washington DC. You have been selected to receive a grant of $9000 from the federal government. Would you like to know why you were selected?”

Me: “SURE TOM! Why was I selected?”

“Tom”: “Because you have been a model citizen with no criminal record and have paid your taxes on time for the last several years”…

Me: “That’s weird Tom. I haven’t paid my taxes on time in like 5 years, and when you guys called me last week, you told me it was only $7000”…

Tom: Click…

Me: “Hello, Tom???”

I’ve had this call at least 3 times… I can’t seem to make it to the part where they ask me for my personal contact info… Anyone else had any better luck getting their grant money?

That is better then the one I am getting… mine says he agent oliver from the irs and if I dont give them my credit card to pay what I owe them the will have me arrested… I like to call the number and just crew with them! It’s fun! Give them fake info and pass words to my accounts like “usukatscamin” Anyone can call 16465831829

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Mine was an email offering a grant as a job creator for Kayak Fish SC. I haven’t owned the guide service in a couple of years.

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mine says he agent oliver from the irs

Yeah, I got that one, except they said they were going to notify the FBI if I didn’t pay. I told 'em to have the FBI call when they were on the way so I could put on some coffee. Crickets … :wink:

I get one about twice a week, First time they wanted to send me the money. Guy asked me if my address was 110 Scot St and I said nope. Then he asked if my zip was 29412 again I say nope. Then he asked for my address and I reminded him that he called me saying he was with the Federal Government and that he should have the information. The next time they called I told them I’m not interested and the guy asked why I didn’t want free money. Not If I have to give out personal information was my answer. Now I just say no thanks and hang up.

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Bonzo was kind enough to share an email from a Nigerian prince with me.

I gave him my bank account information. In exchange he’s going to wire some money across international boundaries. Then I get my cut of that. It comes to several million dollars. I haven’t gotten it yet but I will. So I got that going for me

“I am not involved in this thread, only helping Fred understand who he is dealing with.”

no but I have gotten three from tom jones,john wayne and tom selleck (Im flattered that these actors would take the time to call me even if they disquise their voices) in the last few weeks stating he (heavily accented voice but the same for all three names and messages)) is with the IRS and it is imperative that I allow them to assist me in clearing a debt and avoiding prosecution and jail time. its a recording…
then last night I received a call stating it was from the V,A, system for Mary Burns and that I was to call this umber back and enter a temporary four didget code and then press 1…yeah right… the va would never do this

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