Water Level at Thornley Public Landing ?

Anyone put their boat in lately at the public landing by the Shriners Club lately? I remember the water being extremely low a while back but maybe its better these days. I am looking to put my boat in there in the next week or two.

Of is there another public landing close to this one that is deeper ?
I dont have a big boat (17’) but when its 1 foot deep, no boat can put in.

Its pretty sketchy for a boat that size, a lot of 17 footers got stuck last weekend. There has been a lot of silting right in there, doesnt really matter what the lake levels are. Go to shorts stay or launch in the cooper and take the locks up to the lake.

It used to be at full pool any boat could put in, not anymore. The big contender boats have ate of the bottom of the cliffs on each side, which has been silting the center. Saw a skiff run aground dead center of the canal, not fun to see. If your in a jet ski or kayak you should be ok. Its not worth sucking up sand into your motor. Between that and kids throwing huge rocks the size of boulders on the bottom of the ramp, we’ve called it quits with that landing.

I’ve used it a few times since March and had no issues with my Skeeter bass boat. Just don’t trim all the way down until you are out of the canal.