Waterproof, floating bluetooth speaker

Has anyone tried one of these?

Bluetooth Speaker + Speakerphone + Waterproof

10 hour battery life (rechargeable battery)

And it floats. http://ecoxgear.com/ecoxbt/

I have a bluetooth speaker at home that sounds pretty good, but it isn’t waterproof. This one is about $100 on Amazon and looks like it would be a good option for the boat. It isn’t going to compete with a high quality sound system, but I don’t care to hear loud music on the boat anyway. Plus, I wouldn’t have to drill holes in the boat.

I think it would work just fine for me. Just wondering if anyone else has tried one.

If you’re lucky enough to be fishing, you’re lucky enough.

I have one. My coworker has one for sailing. Its been great for us, we haven’t tested the waterproof claim yet. My coworker has though, and since he didn’t have the little flap for the ac plug fully seated it got ruined. He was able to get a new one through amazon I think.

I also end up using mine in the garage, out in the backyard, while working on the boat, out at the beach, etc. It was definitely worth the $100.

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Cool; I think I will order one (and remember to keep the flap for the AC plug closed).

If you’re lucky enough to be fishing, you’re lucky enough.

Oh I just saw a bunch of these at Costco last night. They’re only ~$75 there and you have a few colors to choose from (when we got ours, anything other than black was more expensive).

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I have the dry box one and it works well. Another buddy of mine has the one you have pictured and I like it even better. It’s plenty loud enough and easy to use. If I were to make the purchase again, I’d get that one instead. The bluetooth function does wear down your phone battery pretty quick.

So I just talked to that co-worker and he mentioned he killed another one. Turns out its more ‘water resistant’ than ‘water proof’. So don’t submerge it I guess?

I don’t know how he’s killed two in the same span of time that I’ve had mine, but there you have it.

2002 Key West 1900CC

I think as long as it is splash-proof I will be OK. I don’t plan on submersing it ever, but it could get splashed occasionally. Based on your friend’s experience though, I think I might smear a little dab of Vaseline around the o-ring that keeps the water out of the AC plug just for good measure…

If you’re lucky enough to be fishing, you’re lucky enough.