Wed. off to a bad start

aboard the thunderstar we pull up to the ledge to sling some b-liners over the rail and after about an hour of fishing one our elderly customers had a heart attack. we raced back to port. Coasties met us about fifteen miles from the rocks, thankfully the airlift went smooth despite the chop and swell. we turn back to head back to the ledge and our 2nd go-around didnt really happen due to the anchor breaking…in half. all in all it was a very slow fishing day. but one gag about 20 lbs and a few gaffer bulls were caught. got back to port about 9:00pm. pretty long day. I know this is just preaching to the choir but please remeber to bring and drink plenty of water, and make sure your first aid is up to par.


the quicekst way to an angler is through his fly