WED on the STONO

Hey all its been a while since I’ve posted on here. still fishing alot though. Just thought yesterday was worth mentioning… Started out with some plastics casting grass lines… nothing happening couldn’t believe it. anchored up in two spots for twenty mins a pop. now these are great spots in the fall twenty to thirty fish spots… Notta… Getting discouraged I made a twenty min run towards Kiawah and picked up an older spot I used to frequent in the fall feasting… Anyway picked up about 20 shrimp on a few casts and my day went from a nice day on the water to a great fishing moment. I had twenty shrimp and pulled in 13 redfish in 45 mins. all between 18- and 28 all fat. now thats a lot of work for one guy in such a short time. wore me out. Fish were stacked up on the shelf next to an oyster bed. once the floater left the shallow bam you could see the strike. good time on the stono… Gotta love November in Charleston…

we’ll be out there on Friday, hope we have some luck!!

LM - Live shrimp under a cork is what they were feasting on?

that’s strong Chuck…nice work!

The Morris Island Lighthouse

Sounds like a great day. Funny how one spot will skunk you and the next spot will wear you out. Can’t wait to get back down there!