I’ve only been to 2 weddings in my life. 1 being mine and other our daughters.
Our lead guy and fishing buddy got married yesterday. 3 kids and 7 years together they finally decided to tie the knot. Truth be known she finally put her foot down I’m sure… if you have never been to an Hispanic wedding you’re missing out. What a hoot. When thay say the ceremony start at 3 that means 5:00 or 5:30. But that’s okay the tequila starts flowing as soon as you get there…

This kid never stops smiling.

Great food good band . Hispanic people know how to party…

They definitely do. If invited to a quincinera don’t miss it

Had two sweet sixteen parties for both my daughters, went to one Quinceañera and it was off the Chain… Día de Muertos is where it’s at.

Was doing quit well on weight loss… Until I did some charity work for a Mexican friend. I’ve had more Off the wall authentic Mexican foods than I deserve brought to me morning and lunch.

How ya been pee pad? You and Bonzo brought Mrs Penn any shrimp lately? Hope you are doing well.