Wednesday Afternoon PainKiller 10/29/14

Finally a break in the weather, or so we thought. Left the dock at noon, Capt Jay and neighbor Lance rounded out the crew - everyone else must have felt the palm trees swaying and had other last minute plans?

Off we journeyed - started towards the GTHole in search of Hoos. Mother nature had other plans - the forecast was 1 to 3 ft, SW 5 - 15kts. Not what we encountered, but we pushed on. We changed course and headed for the Scarp.

SLOW and WET ride, 30-35 mph. About 10 miles short of our numbers, scattered weeds and 74 degrees. We thought to stop and pitch baits, but pressed on in search of deeper waters.

Then the ocean got REALLY angry - the last ten miles were ugly. Fast, tight, windy were the seas.

Made the SCARP, lines in around 2:15 - we could only troll in one direction - down sea! Not long into the troll the WTFB line starts screaming - short strike. A ways later, a black fin was landed. Then the dreaded turn around came. WET with water over the bow - at least it was 80 degree water.

SLOW trolling. Perfect time to reel in the lines and try our new high speed trolling rigs. As we were bringing in the lines, a broken bill sailfish attacked the bait and was quickly brought boat side, photographed and released. He was smaller than the one we caught last month just past the Belky Bear. Always nice to catch a sailfish!

Rigged up, we decide to high speed troll towards home - to help our ride home from closer in. No sooner than we pick up speed - WHAM - 60 lb HOO. WOW! Our first on the high speed rigs! Turn around and hit the same spot - WHAM - 30 lb HOO. Just like that.

One more pass over the numbers, and then pointed towards home. The winds and seas got a little better, so we picked up and ran home. Back at the dock around 6:30.

A great time was had by all who braved the weather ? October fishing at its finest!

Tight lines,

Nice fishing Painkiller. Good to see a true 60lb hoo pic!

Very cool.

Always fun fishing on the painkiller! Dr. “I’m back” Rosenberg is a dedicated and calculated outdoorsman! I’ve never seen anyone read in 4ft chop in a bean bag but Jason! That 32 contender really lands soft and is fast! fishing w captain Jay “wait for it, Bam” Scoyers is a trip as we’ll! there’s no place like the blue water w good people. I’m still a kid at Christmas the night before a blue water trip!