Wednesday Afternoon - PainKiller 3/9/16

Its great to be back on the water. We have had a terrible run of windy Wednesdays - no fishing for the month of February!

We left the dock at 11:30 am, and ran to the Scarp. The ocean was a bit rougher than expected - we ran out around 38 mph. The water warmed up from 68 degrees in 110 ft to 73 degrees in 150ft.

Lines in - double header off the bat. Both were toothy barracudas. Fun to reel in, but not coming home with us. Then the planar rod goes off, BIG wahoo - tail walked - and in the box!

Next came the four at a time Bonita (Bonito? False Albacore?). Fun to catch, thinking they were black fin - just weren’t.

Lots more bonito and barracudas. We landed more barracudas on this trip than all of last season! We went through 30 ballyhoos. We had a few short strikes, lost the trolling weight - lost three rigs - and then managed to land a small hoo and a medium sized hoo before running home.

The ride in was faster, home at sunset.

A great time was had by all - purple and black seemed to be the winning color.

Tight lines,

Nice fishing as usual Painkiller- you guys make a hard argument for not leaving the dock early anymore!

Great pics…what App or Filter are you using? All the pictures look intense.

Nice Hoo and looked like a great day out, definitely not boring.

2005 Sea Hunt 212 Triton
“Head East”

Thanks for the kind words. I work the half day Wednesday mornings, and fish the afternoons. I am not opposed to leaving the dock early in the morning, just don’t have the ‘pass’ from the admiral to take the whole day off…yet.

The photos are HDR - High Dynamic Range - and are processed in photo shop and aperture after I download them from the camera.

Tight lines,