Weekend fishing Bushy Park unprepared

Fished this weekend at Bushy Park and the waters were Murky so i pushed to GC and the water was the same. Threw a DOA shrimp and caught several Reds and tried MM for awhile with no results and back home. Sunday put in just before sun tried peeping out of overcast and the reds were striking and aggressive. Wind picked up and headed to the hill by 11:00am. Fished Saturday and was a bit low on jig heads and Sunday start realized i didn’t restock but managed not to loose that many jigheads.

What a good start to Dredging and murky waters and fish hookups

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Always glad to get a report from the man himself! Some good fishing, thanks for taking us along this trip

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Could be that the discharge from the dam is muddy. Marion and Moultrie are like chocolate milk from all the rain. Same thing for me in the Ashley. I had to go past Oldtown Creek and Higgins Pier to find clear water.

Murky waters up in Goose Creek also. I’m thinking its from the dredging of Bushy but could be wrong. All the rain does not help either. Was out yesterday wondering what I was doing in somewhat high winds and cold. Because of low tide helped and for the second time around didn’t take my compact jig container. Fishing was slow and I did not move around much

I haven’t been out in several weeks. My wife’s cancer is getting worse and she’s not able to be left alone. There’s a less than 1% chance she’ll get better but regardless the fishing will have to wait.

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That is just terrible to hear, and I hate it for you! I wish I knew some words or actions that would truly help. Don’t worry bout those fish, though, they’ll pull drag later for ya. Tend to your loved ones for now. I’ll say one to the big man for ya too.

Pulling for you!!

Thanks for the report FatRat. MD i have no words. Can only send the best positive thoughts your way.

Got another CT scan of my wife’s abdomen yesterday. The chemo isn’t working. The pancreas has increased in size and the cancer has spread to her liver and lymph nodes. We both realize her time is short and we will enjoy each other’s company as best we can. She told me last night “pretty soon you’ll be able to go fishing anytime as often as you want to” and laughed even though it hurt. THAT’S my wife.

Concerning Bushy Park, I hope the dredging will be a success for at least a few years. I would imagine every tide change would cause the shallow stuff to slowly fill in the channel even if there was no barge traffic. Tight lines!

I wish I knew something to say or do that would take some of your load and put it on me.

Stay strong

Prayers to you and your family. Speechless otherwise but hang in there as the sun rises and set.

Hope to enjoy it for what it’s worth. Fished Tuesday and caught a few reds before the wind picked up. Since I was already out decided to catfish instead and caught quite a few with shrimp

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