Weekend Slam!

Started Saturday a bit behind schedule but met Ole Timer at the ramp, short conversation and off we went. Fished some spots with nothing happening, pushed on up the Cooper and managed a couple flounders. Ran a ways back to Bushy and picked up a couple Trouts and a few Reds. Hooked a door mat and missed him twice trying to net it and after a few tears came on in for the day

Sunday started with beautiful Sunrise

Trout after trout early then pushed on up into Goose Creek and managed a Nice Red that hung me up in the grass and after snapping my rod in Two I still faught it into submission. 24" tagged and released after resting for awhile. Started looking for a flounder for the slam and running short on bait and what do you know a THUMP and managed a 12" flounder
At the house by noon for some football. Great weekend on the water


Awesome Fatrat. Sorry about losing that doormat. Nothing lingers more than the memory of a lost fish, especially a big one. I still think about a huge flounder I lost in Clouter Creek.

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It sure was beautiful!

The fishing…

Not so much.

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Awesome report thanks! I wish my weekend of fishing went like your day out.

Great day!

DF:let it go.


I love it! Weather starting to cool… fish starting to bunch up… yea, fall is in the air! Thanks for the report, you’re killin it!

Hey, when you fish as seldom as I do, you have to hang on to the memories. But I’ll work on it.

Thanks for caring.

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