Weekend Winds

Went out Sat knowing the weather was not in our favor, but I go when I can, you know what I mean Optiker (seent ya toughin it too).
Worked the outgoing and a touch of the incoming with shrimp under bobbers set to 5-6ft and had quick success but the action was short lived. That seemed to be the theme of the day. Each spot we pulled up we caught 4 or 5 fish and then it shut down. Made a move then rinse and repeat. Finally the time of year where the river water is warmer than the air… you almost know already. Once the misty drizzle got too persistent we called it a day. Water was gin clear and 64.


I remember when I was tough as you fellas.Definitely a rock and rye day.Thanks for the pics and report

I was hunkered down, probably looking through the small tunnel at the end of 4 layers of hoods :slight_smile:

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Nice. Thanks for report.