Well don't this just suck

Got a fraud alert text from Regions to verify if it was me for a $300 charge. Nope, not me so blocked.

Decided to login and ■■■■ four more charges to AT&T totaling almost $1600. They were in pending status, but showed my amount debited. Regions is gonna cover it, but WTF…

Told them I hope they can bust their azz!!!

Effing Theives man

Got me a few months back first was for a vending machine for like $5.74, second was at TJ Max both in Florida for like $280 credit company covered them and sent me a new card

Nothing worse than a scumbag thief

Ha, this is second time. First was what I was told was a trial run for a couple $3 purchases from Coke-a-Cola, once successful, big charge in Florida for furniture that flagged em.


Not saying you do, but, if you have the tik tok app, get rid of it!

Thanks, never went down that road. Nor Azzbook.


We’ve been hit a couple times ourselves. Like you said they did a couple dollar charges for a test I guess.
And then again in about another 30 Days both times Chicago. Then the third time they got the (bank) for 90 something dollars in New York.
A restaurant.
We got our card set up anything over $200 it alerts our phones.
Bought a gun while back. Told the counter guy wife will be calling in just a minute. She called. Yes it’s me. Yes buying a gun. Okay love you bye.
Counter guy busted out laughing.
We have a bill account that we use for obviously our bills. And then are everyday account.

Yep, hit my VISA around Xmas. I now have a text/email alert if even $1.00 is charged on it. All mine were attempted purchases at Lowe’s in NC. They should beat these people to death if/when they catch them. People that will spend time/effort stealing but too ■■■■ lazy to work.

Ditto that, Doug. Wonder how they get this info???


Haha, y’all been hitting Babyrider’s links…

Why Hackers Love MAGA Social Media TruthSocial, Gettr, Gab, Parler (thedailybeast.com)

No telling Glenn. I rarely use it and when I do, it is usually to pay for something on Amazon.