Wet and Windy Halloween Eve-Edisto Island

Fished last couple hours of rising and 4 hours of falling tide. NE winds, coastal flooding, and rain were all against us but we kept at it and caught some nice spottail bass. 67-68 deg water. Fished all types of artificials since we couldn’t get bait earlier. Had a good time with wife’s cousin who caught his first fish in the Low Country. No trout on this trip…where they at? I know where they ain’t.


what side are you fishing?

Good stuff, way to show the fam how to do it. I bet he enjoyed that, the spottail are fighting hard right now.

Im only finding trout sporadically lately, maybe once the water cools to the lower 60’s they’ll group up more and be easier to locate. Not sure

South side from the Ashepoo back to the interior of the island

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Try the north side out of steamboat.

Fish the creek mouths and confluences as you move toward the ocean.

Pay particular time and effort around Adams creek.

Longer leaders under a cork on the falling tide.

see if that helps

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Thanks. Don’t fish north side much. Tend to gravitate south. Appreciate the info.

We always caught plenty of trout in the Coosaw when we had the cabin on Old Combahee island near the Williman islands.Not that far of a run with a big boat.

We almost always caught better trout, size and numbers, on the north side.

Not sure why, but the water does seem to be clearer on the north side for the most part. otter and pine in the south was usually clear and good for trout.

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Was gonna hit otter/pine but decided not to since the wind was blowin. The oyster cages on the left kinda messed up a good bank.

I’m catching them grouped up around piers fishing VERY slow with an 1/8 oz jig head. By slow I mean letting the jig fall with the current and keeping the slack out of the line.