What A Day, What A Day

…and flat too. Started off cold and dark, ended up sunny and warm. Peeled some layers and handled business from there. Fished Capers, away from the group of boats, and faired pretty well for it only being our 4th attempt at reef fishing. Mixed bag all morning, my buddy caught 5 different fish on five casts back to back to back. Shrimp were the ticket. Sand fleas and earth worms worked too, but shrimp are always king. Wore em out and my under arm is sore from the rod butt. Left the water cleaned up and at home by 1230. Then installed a handrail on my steps to make it easier for my mom to climb the steps… was a busy day for not going to work, sheesh! Totally worth it too!


Oh boy, I’ll say, what a day. That’s a great day. Good job.

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Look at that ocean…wow. Great catchin Stump!

thats awesome. i’m itching again reeeel bad!

Man, I could take this one many ways… :smile:

What a day indeed!

I’ve always heard if the Ringtails are there, the Grouper are too.

Thanks for the report!

Terrific report. Thanks for taking the time to post.

What a great mix of fish.

TOTALLY unbelievable for a close in reef.

Great work.

Man I’m jealous…

Welllllll geez…someone on that boat knows how to hold their lip just right! That’s what I’m talking about tight there!!! Great story and even better evidence pics

Killin it Stump!

Man that is awesome. All those fish and a parking lot flat sea. The fishing gods were smiling on y’all.

Give me a bit more on the Earth worms. Over the past couple of years I’ve been hearing bits and pieces about them as saltwater bait. I’ve know for years they work on spots inland/ inshore, but never heard any other uses in salt.

Nice Report!!

On “spots”, I’m referring to the fish.

Missed the part about fishing with earth worms. Never heard of using them in salt. Interesting

Not to hijack Stumps thread.

We were fishing on the IOP Pier, a couple of years ago, and an older couple were wearing out the biggest Whiting I’d ever seen.

We were catching the usual size, with a bigger one every now, and then. But the older couple kept catching those huge Whiting.

Well, my curiosity got the better of me, and I walked over, and asked what they were using for bait, to catch those huge Whiting?

The Lady explained that were using Nightcrawlers, for bait.

I jokingly said “Surely not”? “Not worms for bait, in the ocean”?

Turns out, it was true. I posted about all of the huge Whiting we caught on that trip, in the beach/pier forum, after that experience.

Several nearing two pounds! And, all of the biggest Whiting were, indeed, caught on Nightcrawlers.


Yep, nightcrawlers are a “poor man’s” bloodworm…

Here’s one that’s interesting…

SECRET Sheepshead Bait Catches GIANT Fish!! - YouTube

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My neighbor was over for a St. Patty get together yesterday and in his youth he used to do about any kind of fishing you could imagine. 10 years on a long line boat, and some commercial Foundering around the outer banks. Tons of cool stories. I asked him about the Earth worm thing and he laughed and said no one is supposed to know about that.

He got to talking about several unusual things on the water. It was his watch one night and he heard a tremendous hissing crashing noise. A sub surfaced 50 yards from him in the gulf stream.

Took yall long enough haha…

Yea, was at West Marine and saw a capt buy some and asked what was the deal… felt silly as he11 putting them on the hook out there I can’t lie… worked on a snapper and a sheep though… hard not to put a shrimp on though when you have em… would definitely use them again, especially if it was all I had…

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That’s a heck of a trip right there for Capers! Good job catching. I’m waiting for these winds to die down for good…