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Ok… For all those that don’t know i am from the upstate and mostly fish the lakes up here but come down alot and fish in Charleston every chance i get. So i need help. Below is are pics I took yesterday on Lake Greenwood in the upstate. Are these fish I am looking at that were stubborn and didnt want to bite at all yesterday. This brings the next question up. I have yet to see fish on my fishfinder while I am fishing in Charleston. Is it a certain setting i need to put it on to be able to see fish and structure along the coast in saltwater…
Please help. Any advice is helpful…

Those are fish!

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Most definitely fish. Second pictures actually show some active fish. As far as not seeing that in saltwater, there are tons of different variable that could be the reason for that. The first and most obvious reason would be if the fish don’t swim through the “cone” of your sonar, or you don’t pass directly over them, you’re not going to see them. You obviously ran right over them in your pictures. Also, and some may argue this, but I believe being in saltwater can effect your sonar images differently than being in freshwater. Some manufacturers actually have a user interface that allows you to select freshwater settings and saltwater settings.

I spend most of my time in the salt in shallow water so I tend to pay more attention to my side imaging than my down imaging or sonar. With the way I fish, if the fish swim under my transducer to show up on the screen of my unit, I’ll be able to see them with my naked eye because of how shallow I tend to fish.

There’s no one standard setting that fits each and every fishing scenario or setting. Play with your settings until you get the picture you’re looking for.

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100% agree with bangstick…those are fish…and active fish in pic #2. I’m also trying to figure out the settings on my sonar to optimize my saltwater returns.

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Thank you bangstick.