What are you doing for christmas?

Go do something for a stranger.
Go buy a couple bouquets of flowers and just randomly go to a nursing home and give them to some people.
Get some Christmas cards. have your kids and grandchildren fill them up take them by the VA hospital.
Go buy you some toys. Take him by children’s hospital.
Get a couple bags of candy. Put them in a big bowl with a card. Drop them off at a Cancer center.
Take some clothes and toys drop them off at a battered women’s shelter.
The best gift you could receive is a smile from someone not as fortunate as you.


In the old days here, I believe this would be a sticky…

Great post, OTC!!


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That’s nice OTC. You’ve inspired me to think of something. Maybe something for heath care workers, firemen or LEOs.

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OTC, that is some real stuff from the Heart!! You’ve inspired me, and I hope many others that see this as well. Random acts of kindness from strangers really is fantastic.

My Mom and her “golden girls” group do things like this. She’s coming out of her shell just a bit since Dad Passed.

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A little while back I was going through the drive-thru. I usually don’t do drive-thrus.
There was a North Myrtle Beach cop behind me. Tell the girl I wanted to pay for the officer food. It was $8 and some change. Behind him was a couple of my guys. Got back to the job they told me the officer paid for their lunch.
Well $#!t… So he ended up buying 2 lunches.
So I asked that means you paid for the people behind you right. Noooo.