What Could Devour a Dead Armadillo Overnight

My daughter has a property surrounded by wetlands which has some armadillos. I caught two, on different occasions, in a Have a heart trap and they bent the latch mechanism 90 degrees and ambled off. I bought a Duke trap, which is a much better design, and they can’t get out of it. Recently caught two more and this sun and heat finished them before I could check the trap. To be sure, I put a 22 LR between the eyes anyway, no blood. Both dead critters were tossed in the woods on different days and different locations. The next day checking the same locations, nothing but a greasy spot and some worms. What local animal could devour those bony things that quickly without leaving hardly a trace? I did find some little bits of skin at the last one.
One in the Havaheart trap:

After he bent up the trap and escaped

Duke trap that actually contains them

Buzzards is my guess

That is kinda strange LE
I’ve seen them on the side of the road for days.
I’ve seen buzzards on them but maybe some starving coyotes.
Do you have any tips for catching them in a wire trap? I have only had luck in a wooden trap that had the armadillo smell in it.

Look where they have been traveling and put the trap there. You can use natural barriers or the funnel tactic. Some folks say they have luck with the Havaheart trap, others have the same results I did, bent to crap. The Duke trap is light weight but strong. It doesn’t have that angled trap door they can force up. I have a wooden trap I built as well, but haven’t caught one in it yet. I read coyotes do eat them. Buzzards I think would have left some bones and this was in thick woods as well.

Thanks pardner.If you put an armadillo in that wooden trap to get the smell in there,
It will catch like crazy.
My problem is I haven’t caught one in so long,my trap lost its smell
Now it looks like a few new ones are showing up.

Another one in the Duke trap. This time using the barricades.

My wooden trap. Heavy as heck.

Buzzards always leave the half shell.

Yotes will eat it all or carry it away fighting over the carcass.

Know this, Dukes makes the best traps for the money. Live animal traps and the foothold traps that you bury. The other brands don’t hold a candle.

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Number three.

Number 4. The Dukes trap is top notch. Number three disappeared after about four days of being tossed dead into the woods.

Number five, of course number four disappeared as well.

Kill them all!!!

The half shell from number 5 about 30 yards in the wood from where I tossed it.

Number 6.

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I just got one five minutes ago.

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Sman, the Rambo!

A wife going on and on about something everyday will turn a normal man into Rambo.haha I’m sure you fellas have been there.

Finally got a decent photo of this guy. Pretty sure he is the one eating the armadillo carcasses. Just don’t understand why eat that when all this other better quality meat is in the same backyard.

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