What goes thump in murky waters - Youngen Style

Well, weekend warrior mode once again Youngen Style. Hunted all day Saturday, fished Sunday 1/2 day, now hunting again…anyways about that murky water thingamajig. Lower Wando had muddy banks, mid Wando had tea stained clarity, upper Wando looked like coffee but we still managed to find several trout, a few flounder, and handful of ladyfish. That being said, why was the water clarity so messed up with minimal water pull and lack of rain? But still a great day on the water!
Youngen Style


I wonder what schools have fishing scholarships?

I know UT does, and Ive seen the gamecock fishing team before, but I’d wager there are a few. Never seen a girl on a college fishing team that I can recall either.

Shes got a future with options, thats a good thing

Thanks for taking the time with her and sharing it here


Nice report and beautiful weather both days until the wind picked up

That’s a fine day no doubt in the muddy waters. Wait and see what this dang storm brings… hopefully it won’t be too-too bad.

Only good thing about muddy water is no need for flouro leaders haha