What happened to BLM?

I wonder why BLM has not been called out as the Socialist Organization that they are and not worried one bit about actual Black life’s? 60+ shootings a week in New York and 90+ shootings a week in Chicago… all Black on Black. Even our sweet Home Charleston is rated 18 out of 100 in crime safety. BLM doesn’t care a bit about it, they just took the money and ran. I just found out that BLM never gave one penny of the missing 60 million to the Floyd family. The reverse racism in our society is blatant, specially in this latest shooting in which to describe the perp in order to identify him, the main stream refused to tell us all he was Black. Kind of an important thing in identifying a suspect. Be on the look out for a White male clean shaved black hair, a Hispanic female, an Asian grey haired lady, A big build Black Man, a scrawny bearded white male, etc… facts matter in a description of a criminal in order to apprehend one.

This is were I’d love to see our main stream come out and apologize for pushing the BLM agenda and admitting making a mistake over the BLM organization actually caring about Black lives. I do know many that followed the false narrative do legitimately care about the lives of Blacks and others, they were just misguided by our Media into believing the BLM organization was actually about caring rather than making money and pushing a socialist goal of destroying our Constitutional Federal Republic.

The media is so fickle and full of lies. Trump was never spied on, no voter fraud happened, Biden is mentally fit, the proud boys are a white supremist organization(with a black leader lol), Corona came from a bat or a pangolin, the lie about the border cages that Obuma-biden built, the Ukraine impeachment of Trump, and so much more. I get called a fear monger for stating things like this from members right here on CFC. Just imagine all the fruit loops across this land that have been poisoned by the fake narrative of our Main Stream media, believing everyth

Looks like the democrats are buddying up to white supremacists now after BLM got busted for stealing donations to buy waterfront mansions like the Kenyan


The leaders of BLM are busy spending millions on houses and other things they “need” or calling blacks that disagree with them “coons”. The whole BLM “movement” is a farce and as usual, the “leaders” end up with money and nothing really comes of their endeavors. No one will openly confront them about being opportunistic parasites for fear of being labels racists. Blacks are WAY over-represented in crimes committed against each other yet no one will say so. Until influential blacks are willing to say that much of which plaques them must be addressed by them, I see no real improvement.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

I’m not sure were it is now, but back in the late 80’s early 90’s black folk made up 13% of this country and had 78% in prison population. But yet we can not stereo type? God bless the honest hard working Black Folk and all they have done to support our country, but we need to be open in dialog, there is a lot to be desired in a lot of areas. This stuff does not like to be discussed, but it is what it is. Let’s get it out in the open and on the table. Then let’s go after all the crap illegals that have come across our borders illegally and send them back. BLM is a Joke that was played upon many a good Black family and many White folk that fell in because they did not want to seem racist. I would guess the same group that voted for Obuma, just because he was “black”. That’s another subject for a joke played on Black folk and white sheeple. Obuma’s mom was white, he was raised white, and he relates more to White folk than black folk… Just another political ploy played out by our main stream media. Trump is more for Black folk than any President in U.S. history.

Right Fred, 100% agree, CORRUPTION in the black community, and the Dimwits DESTRUCTION party too, is OUTRAGEOUS???

CORRUPTION exists everywhere today for sure, including some of President Trump’s moves too, of course, but the RATIO is astounding???

Democrats have been CRIMINALS for SOOOOOO long, since the 60’s at least, and Hoffa, JFK, LBJ, Clintons, maybe worst ever Hussein Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Schitt, etc.!!!

I sure don’t want to come off as any sort of racist, because that is far from the truth. I dislike a criminal white dude just as much as a brown, yellow, black or blue one. But it’s time we started talking about the big Elephant in the room that everyone is ignoring. The Black on Black crime is outrageous and our weak justice department is doing nothing about it but making it worse by giving entitlement through lack of prosecutions and reduced sentencing. People are mostly too scared or unwilling to talk about it. I believe it is groups like BLM and Black leaders like Jessy Jackson, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, and Al Sharpton that keep that fear going by calling anyone outspoken against any Black person a racists and our Main Stream Media backing them up.

Many Black Folk still believe Biden likes Black people. The dude actually stated one of his mentors was a dead KKK leader among many other anti black statements. Wake up!

On a positive note on Black strides, check out Jack Brewer. One heck of a Man!! Making huge strides in helping humanity. Unfortunately many are against him due to their left wing agenda.

More on Biden and his “love” for Black people. Y’all might not have heard this but Joe Biden was all for segregation. The man did not want Black and Whites together in public schools. Out of his mouth, “I don’t want my children growing up in a racial Jungle”. (like BIden would have ever sent his kids to public school) If Trump would have said this the whole world would have known about it, but since Joe was the lefts only hope the Media did not say anything about it and actually hid this from the public.


Did you help make a millionaire?

Anything leftist is a lie or a hoax

The giant square dance never happened . The Dems and Republicans never switched sides . The proof is Dems like Robert Byrd ( KKK grand wizard) and Joe Biden a well known racists. The Dems use minorities and get their vote by making promises that never come true. By give away free cheese programs SNAP and things that keep the dependent people more and more dependent on government to provide. The liberals will be quick to point out that Biden has appointed minorities and perverts in his admin , but this is done to cover his racists past. It will take a strong conservative to straighten this mess out

You sure you know what you’re talking about?

sick stuff. Don’t forget about open Satanists in Biden’s admin

C’mon man!

BLM has been proven to be a fraud and a scam. The leaders put the donations in their pockets and into expensive homes. And helped no one. It was hilarious to hear them explain why only Black Lives Matter!

But hey. They are still one of the lefts favorite hate groups! No lefty has come public to denounce them

Because they use the word “black” no one will touch them for fear of racial repercussion, instead of doing the right thing and shutting this crap down. Black, white, Brown or purple… When you commit a crime you need to face the consequences. No one can help it if Black’s make up 14% of America and 70% of jail population. It is what it is.